Needs Assessment / Decision Support

We utilize methods found in the field of Human Performance Technology (HPT) to gain insight into what is working well and what needs special attention in your organization.  This process leads to supporting leaders and teams in making sound decisions about what needs to be done to improve system performance.

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Has your organization implemented an initiative and you are wondering about its effectiveness?  We are experts in measuring an analyzing the success and challenges of both current and future initiatives.  This work helps leaders and teams make adjustments to eliminate possible challenges, capture opportunities, and maximize strengths.

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Building the Team

All of our work takes a very human approach.  Using a systematic, scientific approach, we help leaders and teams become high functioning and healthy.   Together, we can help your team learn about their unique characteristics, challenges, and strengths.  Our approach is designed to energize teams by focusing on trust, systems of support, and pressing for high team performance.

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Welcome to Genius Coach

We don't claim to be the genius... That is you!  Using our systems and methods we believe we can help you bring out the "genius" in your team and organization.

We are a firm that is built on the systems and methods found in Human Performance Technology (HPT), sometimes also referred to as Human Performance Improvement (HPI).  What this means is we understand how to take a researcher approach to assess needs, selecting solutions, and implementing change that leads to improvement.  Our processes give leaders and teams the support they need to make key decisions and manage change.

Our work is not limited to any one industry, but we have found ourselves to be a great fit in higher education, K-12 education, school turnaround, business turnaround, municipal organizations, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, and industries such as agriculture, hospitality, and financial services.


Next Steps...

If you are passionate about your organization and have a sense of pride in the people on your team, a partnership with us may be a great fit.  call today to learn more!