What We Do

Improve Performance

Who doesn’t want better results? Nearly every company, non-profit organization, and school has a performance point that just isn’t performing high enough. Our consultants are skilled at helping organize and execute a productive and predictable improvement process.

Decision Support

At some point every organization and its leadership come upon tough decisions. Often it is helpful to get a view from the outside. Our consultants can help organize the facts of any situation and present qualitative and quantitative data to ensure you make the right moves.

Team Development

Behind every great organization is a great team, and we believe that a strong team makes all the difference. For this reason, Genius Coach is an authorized partner of John Wiley & Sons, a global publisher, to offer the Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors® professional development experiences.


Sometimes “trusting your gut” is not enough. A sound research plan is how you take your topic from opinion to science. Our consultants are experienced in conducting research. We can help with data collection planning, piloting and testing data collection instruments, and analyzing data for a conclusion.


Genius Coach consultants are focused on finding out what is going on, why it is going on, and helping stakeholders navigate from there. This skill lends itself well to the process of executing investigations. Be it personnel matters or the like, we might be able to help you sort out the touch situation as a neutral third party.

Industries Served

There really is no limit to the industries we serve, but we have a few that we know the best:

K-12 School Systems

Higher Education



Membership Organizations (such as chambers of commerce)

Private Sector Business